Limb Pain

Upper & Lower Limb Issues 

By treating the body as a whole and all of the tissues involved, osteopathy is an effective and lasting solution to many upper (arm) and lower (leg) limb issues including:

Conditions treated
Pain e.g. Sprains, strains, tendinitis, RSI
Numbness and tingling in arms, hands, legs and feet


  •  Shoulder – including rotator cuff problems, bursitis, frozen shoulder
  •  Elbow – including tennis and golfer’s elbow
  •  Wrist pain – including carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis
  •  Hip, knee and ankle pain
  •  Foot problems including heel pain and plantar fasciitis

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At Central Osteopathy we treat all the tissues involved in a problem including muscles, joints and connective tissues so that the problem resolves quickly.