The gentle nature of osteopathic treatment makes it safe and effective throughout the entire pregnancy. 

As the baby gets bigger and more weight is carried in the front, there is a lot of strain on the lower back, mid/upper back and neck and shoulders. Osteopaths treat the body as a whole, so will assess, and treat if required, the key junction areas of the lower back, mid/low back, base of the neck and base of the skull.

Lower back pain
This is very common in pregnancy. As the hormone Relaxin is working to soften the pelvic ligaments, this potentially adds to the imbalance and can leave the lower back vulnerable, particularly the sacroiliac joints. With gentle osteopathic treatment we can re-establish the balance between the protective muscles and softening ligaments safely at any stage of the pregnancy.

Cranial Osteopathy and pregnancy
For some pregnant patients Cranial Osteopathy can be very helpful to gentle treat restrictions at the base of the skull and base of the spine.

At Central Osteopathy we use a specially designed pregnancy cushion that allows the pregnant patient to lie face down if they are comfortable; for most women this is to about 35-36 weeks gestation.

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At Central Osteopathy we treat all the tissues involved in a problem including muscles, joints and connective tissues so that the problem resolves quickly.