Neck Pain

What we treat:

  •  Neck pain including disc and facet joint issues
  •  Whiplash
  •  Spondylosis (Osteoarthritis / degeneration of the spine) – see also ‘Arthritis’ tab
  •  Headaches (see Headaches tab)

 When treating any neck pain or headaches it is most important to:

  1. Get the correct diagnosis
  2. If the problem has been there for a while, find out why that is
  3. Treat all of the parts of the problem including the muscles, joints, connective tissues and related areas – the holistic approach

Neck pain
In the modern world with the prevalence of phones, tablets, laptops, time at the desk, as well as stress and busy lifestyles, neck pain has become more and more common.


The neck has many muscles and tissues from the shoulders, mid/upper back and upper ribs that come up and attach to it, so any tension from below can work its way up to the neck.

The body also tries its best to keep the eyes even. It surprises many that no one has a perfectly straight spine, everyone curves a little to the left and right but most of the time the curves remain in balance.

So any tension or imbalance that emerges from below can eventually affect the neck. In addition, the neck is carrying the on-average 5kg lump known as the head!

So, whatever the problem in the neck may be, whether it is a disc issue, long-standing degenerative changes or an acute sprain of a facet joint, it is important that all potential contributing parts of the problem are assessed and treated.

Your osteopath at Central Osteopathy will take a thorough history of your problem, look at any scans you have had done, if necessary, including the images (not just the reports), and do a physical examination of the problem area and related regions. If any further scans need to be done your osteopath can refer you for a bulk-billed X-ray or refer you to your GP for a bulk-billed Ultrasound or CT scan. Your osteopath can refer you for an MRI but these are only bulk-billed by Medicare if referred by a Specialist.

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At Central Osteopathy we treat all the tissues involved in a problem including muscles, joints and connective tissues so that the problem resolves quickly.